My reasons for writing


The only way to get good at something is to practice, right? Trial and error… Learn from failure… Go the extra mile… Set yourself goals and resolutions that you force yourself to keep. That’s how you grow a business, that’s how you achieve your dreams. That’s what they tell you, isn’t it? One thing I have always struggled with is …

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Just Start


So here it is. Finally. A blog from my head – a cathartic exercise in self-analysis, a therapy of type, a contrived mess of characters and punctuation in the wrong place.s My confidence and ability in writing was always in question in my mind. I was a DRAWER not a WRITER. How could the two ever mix? I mean… I …

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Video Won’t Save You… Ideas Will


This is a piece I wrote for the Content Marketing Association‘s (CMA) Video Engagement Industry Report… We’re experiencing an ever-accelerating cultural sandstorm, with every grain fragmenting into smaller and smaller pieces. Television has morphed and adapted to seismic cultural changes since its birth and now 90 years on, video is touted as the new ‘King’ of content, guided by the gravitational pull …

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Them & Us / Us & They


We the 48 They the 52 We the whole, the confused, the helpless, They the whole the confused, the venerable, the helpless, Ushered in a past we thought we’d left behind A past of progress, tolerance, change A past of arrogance, intolerance, status quo Us whose dreams laid out before us Trampled on by them Helpless to speak As no …

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Not a big one, not even big pliers, and certainly not any of my dad’s archaic old tools, which were probably passed down from his dad. No, I have no idea why I keep them, but discovered it may be a family trait (or hindrance) as my father confessed to being a hoarder of things, namely nails, screws, bits of …


Technics headphones

This isn’t going too well, the whole throwing something out everyday. Life is just too full of stuff to do and that’s not even counting work. These headphones have been slowly decomposing over the last 12 or so years. They leave tiny black pieces of some kind of cheap coating all over my head, in my ears and throughout my …

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Freelance Art Director


Here you can find a link to my freelance design & art direction portfolio. It covers editorial, digital, branding, photo shoots & more.

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Motion Design & Publishing


Through our motion design company Swhype, we provide motion design, animation & content production for broadcast & digital tablet publishing.

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In September we (Cannes in a Van) hosted The Van d’Or Independent Film Awards 2012 (Powered by Ford), with the institution that is Barry Norman presiding over the evening. The ambitious 350-strong event was the culmination of 2 months of hard work which resulted in awards for films in 15 categories including a ‘Student Film in Transit’ award for current …


Screen Social


I curate a monthly music & film night called Screen Social. It’s purpose is to provide the audience with film, animation & motion design content in a relaxed, social setting, where they can drink, watch films, listen to live acts and catch up with friends without sitting in silence. Screen Social promotes new directors and musicians to a receptive crowd. …

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