By May 24, 2016Blog

Our first university talk yesterday at Ravensbourne made me realise how far we’ve come as a company and what we’ve achieved in a relatively short space of time. To hear words like ‘inspiring’ from first and second year students is justification enough to keep going.

As professional people it’s not often we collect ourselves and look back at our journey to the place we’re at now. Life is too fast these days.We did this for the presentation.

For two old college mates who once talked about taking some films to Cannes (in a van) I can look back at our time so far and be proud. We still have a long way ahead but I hope we can now go on to help other people (maybe those students) achieve some dreams of their own.

Thanks to my best mate and business partner @Simon Harris who has learned, as I have how hard the business world can be. Whoever said you shouldn’t go into business with your friends? Pah.

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