Technics headphones

By February 18, 2016Today I Threw Out
This isn’t going too well, the whole throwing something out everyday. Life is just too full of stuff to do and that’s not even counting work.
These headphones have been slowly decomposing over the last 12 or so years. They leave tiny black pieces of some kind of cheap coating all over my head, in my ears and throughout my stubble. They have become sadly just too god-damn high maintenance.
I always assumed the word Technics suggested the same quality the DJ’s favourite, the 1210 turntable omitted.
This was indeed the reason for purchasing them many years ago when I was ‘caught short’ without phones one night ‘playing records’ at a magazine birthday party. The HMV on Oxford Street was there for this exact reason – to buy last minute items for a variety of occasions. Books and CDs for almost forgotten birthdays, new re-issued vinyl for that treat of a Tuuune which would bring the dance floor to its knees and for last minute panic headphones.
These ‘cans’ have never been any good. Why they are bigger than any I have encountered but have absolutely no noise- cancelling properties I will never know. Also the longest lead in existence belongs to these phones. Originally considered (by me) as a plus point, it soon became apparent that all a long lead really does is make it difficult to function within a small environment (ie. a DJ booth). Tangled, twisted and tripped – not a good look for a DJ who’s knocking out the cheese.
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