Them & Us / Us & They

By July 2, 2016Blog

We the 48
They the 52
We the whole, the confused, the helpless,
They the whole the confused, the venerable, the helpless,
Ushered in a past we thought we’d left behind
A past of progress, tolerance, change
A past of arrogance, intolerance, status quo

Us whose dreams laid out before us
Trampled on by them

Helpless to speak
As no one listened
Helpless to speak
As no one will hear

In uncharted freefall we reach for branches
Which just aren’t there
While the other half lives
Lives in satisfaction and regret
In their big smug house they sit
Vote for independence,
Get left in the cold
Listen to the speakers
They speak
Listen to the Liers
They lie

Now unraveled becomes Broken Britain
The broken Britain he vowed to repair
Now irreparable, it fragments
Friends divided, family moved away

The familiar world stripped back
The uncertain one offered
No assurances, no answers
All for nothing but backwards
All for nothing but change, the wrong way

People shouting
People staring
People in fear

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