My reasons for writing

By September 10, 2016Blog

The only way to get good at something is to practice, right? Trial and error… Learn from failure… Go the extra mile… Set yourself goals and resolutions that you force yourself to keep. That’s how you grow a business, that’s how you achieve your dreams. That’s what they tell you, isn’t it?

One thing I have always struggled with is finding a voice which is mine and mine alone. Not something influenced by what I thought people wanted to hear, but something which comes from the soul, without influence or self-consciousness.

Not to over-edit or over-prepare something. I do enough of that in my daily business life, with emails, pitches, social media comments. A selfie obsessed world is constantly trying to find the right angle. Whether it’s 7 ways to write an engaging LinkedIn post or finding the most viral-inducing click-baity headline, attention is all we desire.

My reasons for writing are numerous. One – I want you to know I’m running my business and maybe there’s a slim chance you’ll be needing something in the uncertain future. That’s the transparent business bit.

But more than strategy, I’m exorcising a desire to test my confidence in being transparent, without smoke and mirrors, without shields or disguises.

It’s easy to make a resolution, to set goals, but to stick to it is, well… near impossible. A week has flown by and I haven’t had a drink. It’s looking good for January, but is my will power any better than it used to be? I’m tired and setting myself a challenge is the most difficult thing to consider right now. A challenge of becoming a better writer. More eloquent, more astute. I doubt I’ll even begin. I’ll probably never publish this post. How much time does it take to write down the bones? About business, about life, about thoughts. Who cares after all.

If you’re after thought leadership, I can’t compete. If you’re looking for opinion, read the columns, but if you can empathise, let me know. I’m looking for the right space to fit, the perfect jigsaw piece, the confidence to write.

This post was written in January 2016 and supposed to kick off a ‘One Post A Day’ project. It… hasn’t yet.

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